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Courses in the native track are rooted in the principles of the immersion approach. The curriculum is supported by age-appropriate texbooks approved by the Ministère de l’Education Nationale.

  • Maternelle courses use "children storybooks from France" to emphasize language learning through a thematic approach supported by storytelling
  • Cours Préparatoire and Cours Elémentaire 1 courses use the Gafi le fantôme textbook
  • Cours Elémentaire 2 and Cours Moyen courses use the Nouvel Atelier de Francais, an integrated approach to teaching the French language used in many elementary schools in France.

Native Track Courses


How do I know if my child should be enrolled in the native track?
Students entering our native track typically are either native speakers of French who use the French language as the main language communication in their home, or they have existing knowledge of the French language that enables them to function in an immersion classroom where French is used to support content instruction. Some of these students have been enrolled for at least a year in a French school in a French speaking country or in the French track in an International School. Students are typically evaluated by the teacher and the administrative team to determine what level would suit them best before a final placement is determined.

What should I expect in terms of language learning?
Learning or perfecting your knowledge of a language requires time and commitment. It is truly a family experience, since parents need to support language instruction during the week to reinforce what students learned on Saturday. Students should expect to grow in their language skills as they progress through the curriculum of Ecole du Samedi based on their commitment to their language studies.

Can a child move from the native to the non-native track?
Yes, students are evaluated several times a year and if a teacher determines that a student would be more successful in the non-native track, he or she can be placed in that track. Parents are included in all placement decisions.


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