The French Way


At École du Samedi, students are immersed in the French language and culture the moment they walk into the school. Classes are taught by experienced teachers in accordance with the principles of the immersion method, in which activities both inside and outside of the classroom are conducted in French. Families are encouraged to continue the immersion experience in their children’s daily life through friendship and community activities.

École du Samedi is not just a school that teaches French; it is a unique learning experience that teaches French the French way. Our curriculum is structured to mirror that of true French teachings.

  • In the native learning track, teachers follow the French curriculum through the use of textbooks approved by the French Ministère de l’éducation.
  • For students beginning in our non-native learning track, we recognize that French is not their first language. Learning a second language requires a different teaching method which is supported with the use of French textbooks geared toward teaching French as a foreign language.

For more detail about our methodology and course curriculum, visit our program pages.


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