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Staff / Faculty Contact List

Please check and print the 2023-2024 Classroom Map.

Administrative Staff

Myriam Headshot

Executive Director: Myriam Chedouteau

[email protected]

Samuel Headshot

Dean of Education: Samuel Vernhes

[email protected]

Bébé & Moi

Bébé & Moi
Alexia Lunda


Zina Hadjaz

Non-Native Section

Kindergarten 1
Laëtitia Cauvin

Kindergarten 2
Gisèle Djaha

Deme Amadou Samba

Teens (Beg - Adv)
Thomas Hampe

Intermediate Levels
Andrée Janis

Advanced Levels
Nawal Aquachar

Native Section

Maternelle 1
Claudia Costa

Maud Devine

Maternelle 2
Dorothée Mesta

Cours Préparatoire 1
Djazia Ait

Cours Préparatoire 2
Daniel Deveault

Cours Elémentaire 1 & 2
Christine Wimberly

Cours  Moyen 1 & 2
Chantal Edjang

Classes Collège
Not offered in 2023 - 2024

Adult Classes

Beginners 1
Elizabeth Locey

Beginners 2
Maryse Aston

René Houngblamé

Nacer Chambi

Advanced +
Maryse Aston


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