The French Language School for Children and Adults

The French Language School for Children and Adults

The French Language School for Children and Adults

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Bilingual Children/Ecole du Samedi believes strongly in educating children through the immersion method. Activities and special events are a key part of the cultural immersion. Your contributions make these additional experiences possible. Our main priority is to continue to keep tuition low while providing the best in bilingual education. Unfortunately, tuition at Bilingual Children/Ecole du Samedi only covers the school’s operating costs and is our only source of income. All donations made by parents, friends and corporations go directly toward funding special programs not covered by our basic budget.

We are looking forward to serving francophone and Francophile students for years to come. Please consider Bilingual Children/Ecole du Samedi as you plan your annual donations.

Get Your Donation Matched

Some employers offer gift matching programs which are a great way to increase the size of your donation. To find out if your organization offers this benefit please contact your company's Personnel Director or Matching Gifts Coordinator. If they do, simply include the matching gift form with your contribution and double your donation. The help of corporations and individuals enables Bilingual Children/Ecole du Samedi to fulfill our mission within the greater Atlanta community and we thank you for your continued support.

Ways to Give

Bilingual Children/Ecole du Samedi accepts contributions through a variety of means. Any donation is tax deductible by the fullest extent of the law under Sec. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donors can make their contributions by:

  • Calling or e-mailing your pledge with the amount (to be paid at a later date) to [email protected] or 404-754-9122
  • Bringing your donation to the reception desk on any Saturday classes are in session. Check must be written to Bilingual Children.
  • Mailing your donation to:
    Bilingual Children
    1098 Wynford Commons
    Marietta, GA 30064

Please note that since Bilingual Children/Ecole du Samedi is a 501C3 non-profit corporation and your deduction can be tax deductible.

Here are some links to find out more about the IRS policies regarding charitable contributions:

Bilingual Children/Ecole du Samedi will provide you with the necessary documentation to add to your tax return.

Thank you for your support and your dedication to our school.


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parental involvement

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