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La Chandeleur – “Journée des crêpes”

When: February 4, 2023 @ 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

La Chandeleur – Journée des Crêpes


February is often the harbinger of snow and cold temperature, but at Ecole du Samedi it also brings one of our most beloved and delicious event: the celebration of the Chandeleur also known as la “Journée des crêpes”.

This year children will celebrate this event on 
Saturday, February 4

Here are some details about the event:

What will happen?
Parents volunteers will bring the crêpes to our school on Saturday morning before class.  All the crêpes can be delivered to our volunteers’ table at the entrance of the school.
Parents volunteers will bring the crêpes to each teacher and students will enjoy their crêpes with their class during their break.
• This activity is only for the children.

How can I help?
Please refer to the Signup Genius email you’ve received to find out how you can help us on February 4. We still need your help and we are counting on your support (and your crêpes) to make it a great success.

Send an email to:
Marc ([email protected])
Michel ([email protected])

Why do French people eat crêpes in February?

La Chandeleur or Candlemas is a holiday taking place each year on February 2. It is also called Fête des Lumieres and celebrates the approaching Spring.

It is customary to eat Crêpes as their round form reminds of the sun and the wheat symbolizes prosperity. It is a holiday about rebirth, hope and prosperity. As with its American cousin Groundhog Day, you can do some fortune telling about the remaining length of the winter but also try to guess your future wealth for the upcoming year. Try holding a coin in your left hand while you flip your crêpe! 

And to discover a traditional French crêpe recipe please click on this link:

Les crêpes de la Chandeleur

Thank you for being a part of the Ecole du Samedi community.

Ecole du Samedi Team


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