The French Language School for Children and Adults

The French Language School for Children and Adults

The French Language School for Children and Adults


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Registration is Open for Summer Programs and 2020-2021 Classes

That’s right, no homework! Now is the time to register for Summer Programs or our 2020-2021 classes.

Summer Programs – Join us this summer at Ecole du Samedi to discover the French language and Francophone culture through a variety of fun and educational programs from Theater (Live from France) to the History of Cooking. You can also improve your language skills, discover African cuisine, learn about Jean de la Fontaine and develop your French speaking skills for travel and for fun. More Information

Native Speakers – Courses in the native track are rooted in the principles of the immersion approach. The curriculum is supported by age-appropriate texbooks approved by the Ministère de l’Education Nationale.

  • Maternelle courses use “children storybooks from France” to emphasize language learning through a thematic approach supported by storytelling
  • Cours Préparatoire and Cours Elémentaire 1 courses use the Gafi le fantôme textbook
  • Cours Elémentaire 2 and Cours Moyen courses use the Nouvel Atelier de Francais, an integrated approach to teaching the French language used in many elementary schools in France.

Non-Native Speakers – Our community of teachers and families truly reflects the diversity of Francophonie in the 21st century. The Francophone culture is introduced in the classroom through projects, stories and activities. Teachers share their native culture with their students and encourage children to do the same with their classmates.

Register for 2020-2021 Classes Here

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