Back to School 2022

NOTE: Covid policy may be adjusted during the year based on AIS policy and CDC recommendation.
Check this page for updates

Covid Policy Updates 2022-2023

I am excited to welcome everyone back to school. I hope you were able to enjoy summer break! 

I want to share with you our plans and a few changes for keeping students and employees healthy this school year.

With regards to COVID for this school year here are our latest policy updates. We continue to follow AIS guidelines as we did in the past.

  • We will continue to closely monitor the COVID risk levels of our county and state.
  • If your student is ill or having symptoms of COVID or other illness please stay home
  • Masks are still welcome everywhere on campus but optional.
  • Anyone testing positive for COVID will be required to isolate for 5 days and then may return to campus with a mask for the next 5 days.
  • Each classroom has cleaning supplies that can be used throughout the day.
NOTE: We remind all students and parents that we strongly recommend that everyone on campus wears a mask whenever they are inside the school or in close proximity to each other for a prolonged time.

We will continue to ask everyone to carefully follow our school community pledge

DO NOT come into school and DO get tested
if you have any COVID symptoms

That is our most important mitigation tool.

Arrival Protocol

ClassesEntry and Exit PointsTemperature Check
All classesPrimary School Building.
Parents will drop off and pick up children in their classroom.
Teacher will check students' temperature in class


Implementation of staggered and arrival schedule

ClassesArrival on CampusClass Starts atClass Ends at
Maternelles - Kindergarten - Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced
CP - CE - CM - Collège
Bébé & Moi (group 1)9:30-9:459:4510:35
Bébé & Moi (group 2)10:35-10:4510:4511:35
Bout’chous (group 1)9:30-9:409:4010:40
Bout’chous (group 2)10:40-10:5010:5011:50
Lavez mains

Campus Protocols

Parents are allowed in the school building to drop off and pick up children.

● We ask you to respect the followings to ensure a safe and secure process when entering in the building:

  • We encourage you to wear a mask inside the building
  • 1 parent per child authorized to enter in the building
  • do not stay too long in classrooms and hall.

● All students, parents and teachers must abide by the Covid health policies outlined in the EDS Community Pledge.

● Hand sanitizer will be available at each entrance.

Classroom safety precaution update

An additional safety precaution you may not be aware of is our placement of air purifiers in each office, classroom, and conference room at AIS. The air purifiers have Dual Air Intakes and two filters. The Merv-13 Filters achieve 99.9% particle removal. The purifier cleans a room up to 1,000 sq ft in one hour, 500 sq ft in 30 minutes, 250 sq ft in 15 minutes (CADR 250)

Note: Ecole du Samedi  reserves the right to change protocols and/or cancel on-campus classes and switch to virtual classes or a hybrid model with both virtual and on campus classes as the public health situation dictates
On-campus and/or virtual classes may be cancelled
in the event of low enrollment.
Social Distancing


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